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BAJ ethos

"The British Association of Journalists was established in 1992 to help journalists. Like journalists facing redundancy because of falling revenues and bosses who didn’t respond to the internet threat in the correct way.

"Freelances working harder and harder every year for less and less money, watching their bank account and their letter box and praying that that long overdue cheque will turn up because if it doesn’t there will be another humiliating conversation with the bank manager.

"Or the plight of those people whose bosses have suddenly decided that what ten people could do with difficulty, five people can now do, ignoring the fact that with holidays, time off in lieu for overtime and sickness it will be four, and sometimes even three people doing what ten used to do.

"These are real people’s lives and livelihoods we are talking about – real people who need our help and pay this union for a service, which they deserve.

"BAJ is important. I love its ideals, I admire the way it helps members in trouble, and frankly, having been a member of another union, I know it provides the best service of any. With the added security that its members are respected as bona fide journalists."

Janet Shields, General Secretary

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UK Press Cards

The BAJ is a member of the UK Press Card Authority and is authorised to issue UK Press Cards.

BAJ members can apply for a card by clicking here to request an application form by email or by calling the office on 020 7353 3003.

UK Press Cards are FREE to members who need to identify themselves in public on assignments. The cards are recognised by all UK Police Forces.



BAJ benefits

24 hour legal helpline
A team of barristers to handle employment problems
Copyright solicitor
£50,000 legal expenses insurance for personal injury matters
Tax helpline
UK Press Card fee included in monthly subs
Cheaper subs than other unions
Free membership for students

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Student Membership

Membership of the BAJ for students is free. For a membership form, click here

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BAJ News and eNews

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Members of the National Executive Committee

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